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We Treat the Addiction. You Reclaim your Life.

UTC offers affordable and effective outpatient treatment for opioid addiction. FDA approved Methadone, Suboxone and Naltrexone with therapy and support.

Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Medication We offer





Care We provide


Case management

Laboratory services

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  • Individuals whose initial pain is gone but their cravings remain.

  • Individuals whose addiction has caused them to lose jobs, homes, relationships, and families

  • Individuals whose family and friends are worried for their safety, and have been telling them to get help.

  • Individuals who are tired of living from one crisis to the next crisis.

  • Individuals who are tired of their families compensating for their behavior by taking on their responsibilities.

  • Individuals with overdue bills, fines and too many excuses made to their employers about absences.

  • Individuals who are ready to start healing their relationships but don't know how to begin.

  • Individuals who have tried to break the CHAIN of addiction either by themselves or through other means and have failed.

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